Graffiti Lab

2013.04.27 Saturday


    neon mixedmedia takasudo 

    UK based Graffiti Lab just released prints of my works.
    All high quality giclee prints or canvas prints.
    Free shipping to the UK, USA or Europe.

    My prints are avail here.

    イギリスの Graffiti Lab から自分のプリント作品がリリースされました。


    One Day Without Shoes

    2013.04.16 Tuesday


      I'm so pleased to be live-painting on TOMS shoes for this such good cause at Conference Centre in Whistler Canada.

      Come by to Whistler Conference Centre around 3pm-9pm if you're in Whistler on April 16th. And I can paint on TOMS shoes of your size to support children in need and to raise awareness for children's health and education.

      4月16日は"One Day Without Shoes"。
      明日4月16日は、この運動の主催者であるTOMS Shoes にライブペイントします。

      今カナダのウィスラーで行われている、World Ski &Snowboard Festival の中のアートショー "State of the Art" の中のイベントとして参加します。

      Bomb Snow Magazine

      2013.04.04 Thursday


        bombsnow takasudo

        bombsnow takasudo

        bombsnow takasudo

        My artwork is on the cover of Bomb Snow Magazine latest issue, really cool Ski&Snowboard magazine from the States.
        And also really fun interview article on the issue.

        I'm so pleased and honored I could work with such cool magazine! It's always my greatest pleasure working for Ski&Snowboard culture.

        アメリカのスキー&スノーボード雑誌、Bomb Snow Magazineのカバーに自分のアートワークを使っていただきました。


        Cold Smoke Awards

        2013.03.28 Thursday


          coldsmoke poster takasudo 


          moonlight basin

          I've been traveling to Bozeman Montana for one week to attend Cold Smoke Awards which I contributed my artwork for the poster design. And it turned out an amazing ski trip.
          Cold Smoke Awards is the film festival showcasing the best in winter cinema, and it's goal is to promote and present those films to the largest audience possible, creating various opportunities for people to congregate and celebrate winter culture.
          That was really great film festival filled with love, passion and energy for mountains and winter culture.

          2013 official results is here. Seriously all cool films!
          And 2013 event photos are here

          Bozeman is the beautiful town with great people who love nature and are creating great community with strong passion and energy.

          Cold Smoke Crew is such amazing people who express great love and passion for mountains and keep inspiring people by Cold Smoke Awards and Cold Smoke Apparel.

          I really appreciate huge and warm hospitality by Cold Smoke Crew while I was staying Bozeman!
          I'm super pleased and honored I could meet them and work with them for the poster.

          スキー、スノーボードやアイスクライミング等の雪山カルチャーの映画祭、Cold Smoke Awards に出席しつつ、モンタナの雪山をスキートリップしてました。
          今年の映画祭のポスターデザイン用にアートワークを提供したことで、Cold Smokeの人達に招待していただいて、ほんとに最高の時間を過ごせました。

          雪山とその文化を愛する人達が集まる、Cold Smoke Awards。ほんとにいいエネルギーに溢れた最高の映画祭だった。

          Cold Smoke Awards を通して雪山とその文化へのパッションを表現している Cold Smoke Crew。今年の秋からアパレルブランド Cold Smoke Apparel もデビューします。


          RED ONE PRESS renewed

          2013.03.10 Sunday


            RED ONE PRESS website is just renewed.
            It's the best website to find really cool art-related article and cool art shows and events info around Tokyo, and they are always showcasing some of greatest artists from Japan. The website even gets cooler and super nicely designed after renewal!
            You'll enjoy all of cool and beautiful images on the website even if you don't read Japanese.
            And here is my page on RED ONE PRESS.

            いつもお世話になっている、RED ONE PRESS のウェブサイトがリニューアルしたようです。