Manifesto Festival

2013.09.21 Saturday


    manifesto festival

    manifesto festival art show

    Date: September 21 2013. 6pm-1am
    Place: 918 Bathurst Toronto ON Canada

    I'm showing some pieces this Saturday 21st in Manifesto Festival Toronto.
    Manifesto is really cool festival celebrating youth culture with live music, art, fashion, dance etc. I'm so pleased to be in such amazing festival to celebrate and push forward our culture.
    Come by to 918 Bathurst if you have a chance to be in Toronto this weekend.

    今週21日の土曜日、カナダのトロントで開催される Manifesto Festival 内のアートショーで作品展示します。ライブミュージック、アート、ファッション、ダンス等、ユースカルチャーを発展させていくためにトロントのコミュニティーがサポートしている素晴らしいフェスティバルです。


    2013.09.13 Friday


      taka sudo

      mandy tsung 

      new works by Taka Sudo

      new works by Mandy Tsung

      Date: Sep 13th - Oct 6th 2013. (Opening Reception: Sep 13th 7pm-11pm)
      Place: Ayden Gallery (Vancouver Canada)

      Supporting Artists:
      Nomi Chi, Emi Kanomata, Alison Woodward, Cherry Thompson, Suite Charlie,

      Mandy Tsung and I are opening the show on Friday September 13th at Ayden Gallery Vancouver.
      We are showing lots of new works. Come by to the opening party to see our new works and to have some drinks!

      バンクーバーのAyden Galleryにて、Mandy Tsung とのアートショーを開催します。


      2013.07.19 Friday



        Date: July 19th 7pm-1am
        Place: Evergreen Brick Works (Toronto Canada)
        Mike Giant vs Tom Gilmour
        Sam Flores vs Joseph Martinez
        Zach Johnsen vs Jonny Crap
        Joshua Davis vs Chuck Anderson
        Brian Espiritu vs Hydro74
        Faith47 vs Daleast
        Eduardo Bertone vs Doublenaut
        Dubelyoo vs Gene Pendon
        Matt Barnes vs David Glantz
        Marco Crawley vs Rcade
        Taka Sudo vs Graham Curran
        Ben Tour vs Vladimir Kato
        Kwest vs Bacon
        Skam vs Peru143
        Chase Tafoya vs Dresden The Barbarian
        Che Kothari vs Nick Simhoni
        Jacqui Oakley vs Jamie Lawson
        Andy Kittmer vs Angie Fey
        Matt Darling vs Nancy Rose
        Shingo Shimizu vs Carson Ting

        I'm showing 5 new works in the group show "DOS" which is opening in Toronto Canada on July 19th.
        "DOS" is the 2nd annual event of art, music and food. 40 amazing international artists were paired up in two's, and pairs worked on the same chosen them.
        I'm so pleased and honored I could collaborate on the theme with really great artist Graham Curran.
        This will be this year's biggest art show in Canada. Don't miss out if you are in Toronto.

        7月19日の夜にカナダのトロントで開催されるイベント "DOS" で新作5点展示します。
        今年で2年目のアート、ミューシック、フードのイベント。40名のアーティストが招待され、2名ずつのペアを組んでペアごとに同じテーマで作品制作してます。僕はLAの Guraham Curran とチームを組んでます。素晴らしい作品作るアーティスト!

        Vancouver x Tokyo

        2013.06.06 Thursday


          vancouver x tokyo art show 

          Vancouver x Tokyo
          June 8th 9pm-late: El Kartel (Vancouver)
          June 9th 1pm-8pm: AMP (Tokyo)



          Art Show which is showcasing 10 artists from Vancouver and 10 artists from Tokyo.
          Each artists creates 2 pieces of artworks on 24"x24" panels, one piece is exhibited in Vancouver and another in Tokyo.
          Each show venue, El Kartel (Vancouver) and AMP (Tokyo), opens shows at the same time to celebrate great culture each other.
          "Vancouver x Tokyo" is the art show which tries to manifesto creativity can go beyond any borders easily and people can meet, inspire each other and understand each other anywhere through great creativity and great culture.
          Opening at El Kartel on Saturday June 8th 9pm-late.
          Opening at AMP on Sunday June 9th 1pm-8pm.
          This will be great show and super fun night! Come by El Kartel if you're around Vancouver!!

          各アーティストは 60cm x 60cm のアートワークを2点ずつ制作し、1点を東京で、もう1点をバンクーバーで展示します。


          2013.04.30 Tuesday


             stroke art fair

            May 1-5 2013.
            Munich Germany

            "STROKE ART FAIR", Urban Art Fair opening this week in Munich Germany.
            My works will be exhibited at C.A.V.E. Gallery's booth. I'm so pleased and excited about showing my works with amazing C.A.V.E. Gallery in such cool art fair.

            今週ドイツのミュンヘンで行われるアーバンアートフェア、"STROKE ART FAIR"
            LAのC.A.V.E. Galleryのブースから作品を出展します。